PC Upgrade's & Repair (South Manchester Area Only)

Withington Computer Advice

This service is currently only available for South Manchester (Withington / Fallowfield / Didsbury / Chorlton and surrounding areas).

Do you have a desktop or laptop that requires upgrading or fixing. Well if your based near Withington, South Manchester area, then this service is for you.

Please note that the only upgrades and fixes on laptops are limited to these:

  • Screen replacement
  • HDD Upgrade
  • Memory Upgrade
  • Keyboard replacement (Not all laptops)

All upgrades on desktop computers are available.

Check area covered

Withington Upgrade and repair PC Computer / Laptop

As part of computer repairs,  these can be either hardware replacements or  software fixes. Software fixes may entail virus removal or operating system reinstall.

Not only do I offer upgrades, I can give advice about older computers. You may not even need to upgrade depending on what you use it for. So if you have an older computer and not sure if its still any use and is now running slowly, there are other options than just throwing it away and getting a new one. Sometimes you will need a newer computer, but you older computer could still be of some use. If you need any advice on the options then please get in contact.